City Escape

Some time ago I made the conscious choice of moving out of cities and into the country. An island, to be more specific. It seems that life has become increasingly tougher. The fear factor amongst humans is growing and people from all over the world are manically trying to stretch under the same blanket. Practically living on top of one another. There is no space, no free air, no spare jobs, no time. How can we not have things that can not be owned? How can we give up freedom of speech in return for acceptance? Why have we chosen to create a society which suffocates us, instead of having set it up differently in the first place?

Structure? Politics? Economics?

I can not change the mind of others, that is a completely personal journey I do not dare interfere with. It would be false if imposed. Ought to be a process. A personal process. A choice. What I can do is choose, to abide under my own self control, voluntarily. I can not control chance but I can choose the circumstances. The circumference. And so.. I quit my nine to five job to move to an island and teach English.

Life ought to be simple this way. Closer to the basics.

2014-07-10 09.41.36i