About This


What keeps me going is the rush of discovering. Either it’s through a book, an image, a person or an experience.

Everything posted here is all subject to discussion. The categories are mainly abstracts from books, theories combined, traveling stories, articles, or just.. untamed thoughts.

Feel free to add in, comment, question, debate and thus enrich.

That’s that.

Yours Truly.



One thought on “About This

  1. Coming a long way,my genes and origins impose my answer.Therefore,I cannot resist but to express myself followingly.The more I get to comprehend,
    the wilder my insecurities grow;both conforting me and conforting me with moments of despair and contentment as well as appreciation for Brave Hearts and inquiring minds.I don’t become richer,only more aware and alert. Healthy or not,I can’t tell,nor do I seek the answer as I trust no masters but Time.

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