Self Destruction

Lost the Darkness Lost the Light.

Lost everything at Sight.

It’s the notion, it’s the potion,

the sickness and the cure,

the pain combined with pleasure..

in the thickness of the air.

Lost in darkness lost in Lust.

Lost in Glory.

There there’s Light.

I ruined everything at sight.

Feed on illness of my heart

and the vengeance of the night.

When you feel it and you know it,

what you have to do is go,

and you fight it and you kill it,

yet the answer is still no.

The beginning and the end.

The thin line of sanity, misplaced.

We live in that illusion

cause it makes us all feel safe.

Well it’s a choice, like any other,

that you sometimes have to make.

A false sense of security, a blanket much outstretched.

The devil by your side is smiling,

because you are playing the game he invented.

You live inside the hell you have created.

Too tired to fight.

Too hurt to leave.

So you go on.

Living inside the heaven or hell you have created.

Commit the crime inside your soul,

unable to carry it out in the world.

Then rage rises up to choke.

At the boiling point of sadness,

where water turns to steam.

Lost for words, find yourself.

Copy of Copy of RAW (1)


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