We The People

Copy of Copy of RAW (1)

We, the people. The delegates of a fallen empire.

The ones forced to subsist. To endure the consequences, of their sheer megalomania.

The ones raised, to become. Nurtured, with a false identity. Cultivated to believe in power and prevail in dominance. Raised, bred, to conquer, now assigned to the disgraceful task of straightforward survival. Sent out to live, amongst the ruins. Convicted. To lose all authority, all valor and all honor, committed the crime of all crimes, acceptance. Breeding a generation of defeated.

Entrusted with the very last crumbs of wisdom, morality, humanity, integrity, decency, responsibility… Appointed Kings of a rotten empire, we are the fallen.

Designated drivers of an unrestrained monster… we struggle daily to kill our sentiments and drink the pain away. Forget ourselves in becoming more and more apathetic. Ignorant. Lulling our senses and poisoning our brain. All this, to turn into one of them. To fit in the herd of followers.

Questions not raised, emotions not felt, sympathy forgotten, empathy disregarded.

We are led to forget our Self and be embroidered into some fabrication we do not control. Consumerism is devouring our souls while our morality is degenerated into decay. We are molded into one, one unity, one mass, ghosts that have no willpower. We are one. The nail that sticks out will be stricken, again and again until nailed down. Flattened out.



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